Classically Inspired Simply Thai

At M’ Thai, we preserve our idea of “Delivering the Authentic Taste.” A taste that is undoubtedly the best of Thai, served with the warmth of Malaysian hospitality. M’ Thai offers you a dining experience that will intrigue your senses. Only fresh and natural ingredients are selected to produce our best authentic Thai flavours. Our Thai Specialists cook up a fusion of authentic yet modernized dishes that will not just be a feast to your taste buds, but for your eyes. Herbs and seasoningsare carefully selected to enhance the dining experience to create a variety of colours and tantalizing tastes, which creates a memorable dining experience.


It’s not just authentic Thai cuisine that we specialize in, but our great taste for flavourful beverages. Let our Mixologist treat you to a concoction of refreshing beverages, made to suit your taste. To spice up your dining experience, our Wine list comprises of wines from the old and new world. Our wide range offine wine accommodates pre-dining pleasure and also complements our well crafted authentic dishes.

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